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   My name is Uros Piperski, I was born in Pristina on the 19. of December 1982. I now live in Belgrade, Serbia, and attend the XIV Belgrade high school. Since I was appalled by the ignorance of so-called automobile "experts" whom I contacted through the Internet (there were exceptions, of course), I came to the idea to make a web site about Carlo Abarth and his automobiles. At first I found the photographs and information about Abarths myself. Mister Konstantin Selakovic later rushed to my aid, my compatriot who now lives and works in Louisiana, USA. He sent me many high-grade photographs of Abarths and of his Yugo. I am taking this opportunity to thank him, because without him this site would not be what it is.

   I also thank Christian Hall who is the author of The Fiat Abarth Ritmo & Strada Technical Website who allowed me to use some of the photographs from his site.

   If you wish to contact me my e-mail address is CarMaster@abarth.itgo.com, and my ICQ number is 36340243.




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