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Superautomobiles McLaren F1 GTR and Mercedes CLK GTR originated in different manners. While the limited series of the McLaren three seaters was designed for wealthy owners who wanted, either as drivers or passengers, to discover what it would feel like to be inside a race car, the Mercedes "Silver arrow" is designed to win races, and the passenger version came into being out of necessity, because FIA regulations demanded the production of at least 25 vehicles. Both cars were produced in limited series.




McLaren F1 GTR

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Having originated as a car for wealthy buyers, it was so good that with almost no modifications, it triumphed on the race course. It broke the world record in speed for passenger automobiles. The driver sits in the middle, like in a race car. Guilded tools and engine hood. The GTR version was sold only in orange.

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McLaren F1 has three seats, while the steering wheel and switchboard are in the middle. The driver easily grows accustomed to this unusual position, because the car is no wider than, say, a Toyota Supra, so the feel of outer dimensions is quickly acquired and there is no fear of scratching the priceless paint even when parking in city traffic jams.


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The powerslide raises your adrenaline more than when you are flung against the seat by the titanic acceleration force of the engine of a BMW. Whether the delight is shared by the passengers is a question which you should ask them when, after the ride, the roses return to their cheeks.


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Technical data:

Engine: BMW, V12. Four valves per cylinder. Displacement 6064ccm. Max output 600hp @ 7400rpm.

Transmission: Rear drive, six speed gearbox. "AP" carbon clutch.

Brakes: Carbon disks all around, no servo. Braking power regulation.

Suspension: Double wishbones all around. Coaxial spiral springs, aluminium shock absorbers.

Tires: Front - 235/45 R18, rear - 315/45 R18

Performance: 0 to 100kmh in 3,2 sec. Max speed 391kmh (240mph)


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Mercedes CLK GTR

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This Arrow appeared as a result of necessity, but the factory made a good profit. Only 25 vehicles were produced, each of which was sold for over a million dollars. Passing on the road it ruins police patrol radars.

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Parking this car is practically impossible. Looking back is possible only in side rear view-mirrors. Mercedes has therefore equipped the vehicle with a parktronic system which by sensors recognizes and signals the approaching of a hard material obstacle in the form of somebody's bumper, a lamppost, or a waste basket.

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The 12 cylinder engine, with the displacement of nearly 7000 ccm, has 48 valves and develops the maximum power of 612 horse power. You become aware of this when you put it in the first gear by the lever on the right side of the steering wheel, similiar to that in a race car, and release the hard clutch pedal. The Mercedes CLK GTR accelerates to a hundred in 3,8 seconds, and the fact that it flies 200 km/h in only 9,9 seconds sounds even more impressive.

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After a few laps getting accustomed to the powerful centripetal force and to the switchboard, the driver begins to press the acceleration pedal more aggressively in curves. You will then observe that the rear end of the car snivels in a controlled manner toward the inner side of the curve better (and faster) then when only the steering wheel is used for turning.

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Technical data:

Engine: Mercedes, V12. Four valves per cylinder. Displacement 6898ccm. Max output 612hp.

Transmission: Rear drive, self blocking differential with electronic sliding control. Six speed gearbox.

Brakes: Ventilated disks with "AP" calipers.

Suspension: Double wish bones all around. Horizontal shock absorbers and spiral springs.

Tires: Front 295/35 R18, rear 345/35 R18

Performance: 0 to 100kmh in 3,8 sec, 0 to 200kmh in 9,9 sec.

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