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   Fiat begain rallying the 124 sports spyder in 1970. Its critics at the time said it was to heavy and lacked power to be successful at this level of racing. Fiat then gave the car to the Abarth Engineers who modified the car under Group 4 Regulations. Significant success was acheived, and by 1972 the 124 Abarth Rally won the European Drivers Championship, and acheived 2nd in the Manufacturers Championship. This period coincided with Fiat's take over of Abarth in 1971.

   The 124 Rally's production form had 128 bhp, with 165-170bhp availble to works prepared cars. 120 mph was possible, with 0-60mph acheivable in around 9 seconds. Further modifications were made for the works vehicles, including experimentation with fuel injection and a sixteen valve head. Performance was excellent considering that undeneath the listed modifications, the rest of the car was essentially general production specification 124.

   Works Models. The Fiat 124 Spider 1600 was modified by Abarth every year untill the final evolution in 1976, resulting in a 16 valve 1839 cc fuel injection engine that would find ultimate success in the 131 Abarth Rally. Only 980 Abarth 124 rally stradale are produced between 1974 and 1976. Between 40 - 45 cars were works entries intended for the European Championship and for the Mitropacup.

   The Fiat Abarth 124 Rally would have to be one of the finest sports cars produced by the Turin firm. The body, by Pinifarina, has sleek elegant lines, and the engine offers true sports levels of performance. This car is now an appreciating sought after classic, with the highest prices going to the late model works cars.




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