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NSU cars: Prinz I to Ro80

(1957 - 1977)





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Prinz I to III 1958 - 1962

   First of the Post WW2 cars. 583cc two cylinder rear engine. 23bhp. Two doors and 4 seats but not much rear leg room.

Prinz 4 1961 - 1972

   598cc two cylinder rear engine. 30 bhp. More rear room than the Prinz I to III

Sport Prinz 1959 - 1967

   Two cylinder rear engine. 583cc to 1961 then 598cc. Sportcar styling.

NSU Prinz1000/NSU 1000 1964 - 1972

   996cc 4 cylinder engine. Two doors. Rebadged from Prinz 1000 to NSU1000 in 1967 with minor bodywork changes. 43bhp and 40bhp respectively.

NSU Prinz 1000TT 1965 - 1967

   1085cc transverse aircooled rear engine. Twin carburetters. 55 bhp.

NSU TT 1967 - 1972

   1177cc transverse aircooled rear engine. Twin carburetters. 65 bhp.

NSU TTS 1967 - 1972

   996cc transverse aircooled rear engine. 70 bhp. Very rare.

NSU Typ 110/1200 1965 - 1972

   1085/1177cc. Transverse aircooled rear engine. Longer version of the NSU1000 with more luggage space at the front. Two door.

NSU Wankel Spyder 1964 - 1967

   First of the two Wankel engined NSUs. Open top version of the Sport Prinz bodyshell. Rare and suffered from engine problems.

NSU RO80 1967 - 1977

   Second Wankel engined NSU. Four door limousine.It also suffered from engine problems which resulted in the demise of the company. Some cars were converted to conventional V4 engines although specialist firms are now converting them back, as modern materials have fixed the engine reliabilty problems.




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