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The 230hp Yugo GVX-R





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  Vehicle type: front engine, front wheel drive, 3 door hatchback.

   Engine: 230hp @ 11000rpm, 4 cylinders in line, aluminium head, 1503ccm, 14.5:1 compression, two 45mm DCOE Webers, teck 2 ignition, belt driven single overhead cam, two valves per cylinder (intake valve diameter 40mm, exhaust valve diameter 34mm), "Carrillo" rods, modified piston top. The engine is prepared by Zastava Yugo Motorsport chief engineer Goran Pavlovic.

   Performance: pulls 1,3 g's, max. speed 233.5kmh (145mph) with 3.07 ring/pinion, 0-60mph 4.3sec, 1/4 miles 12.8sec with 4.07 ring/pinion.

   Transmission: 5 speed gearbox, close ratio, limited slip (Alquati), quick steering rack (40% less travel).


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